ADVANCED LEADERSHIP SEMINAR for SOUTHEAST ASIA (ALS-SEA) May 2-5, 2018, at Assumption University, Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok


Widya Karya Catholic University has been part of the University Network for Digital Knowledge (UNDK) since 2012. UNDK itself is part of the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia that is based in Hong Kong. Despite being a long time member of UBCHEA, Widya Karya has been admittedly passive and so has not been paid attention by the Asia-level institution.

It was not until Widya Karya submitted research proposals for the Bamboo Grants Program UBCHEA sent an invitation to Widya Karya to attend a seminar it organized. The invite arrived in March 2018 and the Rector immediately responded with a positive affirmation to attend even though there had not been a ready funding to pay for the flight to Bangkok.

ALS-SEA Bangkok

The seminar was attended by 45 participants from seven countries (Cambodia: 3; Myanmar: 10; Thailand: 6; Vietnam: 4; Malaysia: 1; the Philippines: 13; and Indonesia: 8). There were 8 speakers from Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

Day 1, May 2, 2018

The schedule was very tight, from May 2, at 6 PM to May 5, at 6 PM. It was kicked off with a welcoming speech by Brother Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, rector magnificus of Assumption University, followed by a speech by Dr. Angela Wai Ching Wong, Vice President of the program field of the United Board. The opening event was closed with dinner.

At 7.30 PM the seminar was started with an orientation of the whole event by Dr. Hope Antone, the event’s Chair from the United Board. Then Dr. Perla Rizalina M. Tayko, a consultant in the field of Organizational Development, gave a presentation on the Introduction of Brain Map Self-Aware. Please search it on Google; it is very interesting.

Day 2, May 3, 2018

At 7 AM the participants had breakfast. At 8 AM, the seminar began with a morning reflection by Dr. Hope Antone about Whole Person Education which covered aspects of spiritual development.

The seminar’s first phase was on Induction and Immersion: Leading the Whole Person Way. The goals were (1) to develop new perspectives, paradigms and processes in directing and managing changes in human systems; and (2) to find and distinguish (observe) leadership potentials as a whole person. The theory utilized was the Brain Map Self-Aware.

This first stage consisted of two presentations by Dr. Perla Rizalina M. Tayko on Learning and Leading the Whole of Me (1st session) and on Leveraging and Living the Potentials of Me in My Position of Leadership Resource Person (2nd session). The sessions ended with lunchtime at 12.30 PM.

The second phase of the seminar was on Interaction and Iteration. The goals were (1) to update and appreciate challenges and opportunities for higher education institutions and (2) to expand and deepen the understanding and connectivity of different dimensions or areas within the higher education institution.

The first half of this second stage was presented by Ms. Porntip Kanjananiyot, special advisor to the South East Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Center for Higher Education and Development (SEAMEO RIHED) on the Issues, Challenges and Opportunities as well as Internationalization of Higher Education in Southeast Asia (3rd session). These were followed by the presentation on the Internationalization of High Education: What, Why and How by Aj. Glen Chatelier from Assumption University.

The sessions ended with Processing of Day by Dr. Perla Rizalina M. Tayko, followed by dinner at Suphapreuk Golf Course located approximately 20 minutes from Assumption University by bus ride.

Day 3, May 4, 2018

This session was started with breakfast at 7 and morning reflection at 8. Afterwards, the day’s schedule proceeded with presentations from several source persons. The first presentation was about Student Programs and Services Development in Information & Digital Age, presented by Dr. Bervyn Lee from Singapore Management University (SMU). The second was Human Resource Development / Management (Faculty and Staff Upgrade and Professionalization) by Mr. Christopher Mark Crawford from Payap University, Thailand. The third was Financial Management in Colleges and Universities – Managing for Success (part 1) by Mr. Louis Heung from HSBC Provident Fund Trustee Limited, Hong Kong. The fourth presentation was the second part of Mr. Heung’s presentation.

The day’s event was ended with Processing of Day by Dr. Perla Rizalina M. Tayko. The whole event truly ended at 6 PM. Afterwards, all participants were given a free time. Each person was given a pocket money of US$ 20 to enjoy the night scenes and dinner at Bangkok. Exchanged into 620 Thailand Baht, the money was enough for a taxi round trip and dinner.

Day 4, May 5, 2018

Similar to previous day events, the fourth day was started with breakfast at 7 and morning reflection at 8. Several sessions followed afterwards.

The first was about Resource Development / Mobilization Strategies, presented by Mr. Richard Cheng (Executive Vice President of United Board, Hong Kong). The second was a presentation on Good Governance and Ethics in Higher Education by Brother Dr. Sirichai Fonseka from Assumption University.

Finally we entered the third stage, which was about Integration and Reflection. In this stage, participants were asked to develop, implement and build some frameworks and strategies for the development and transformation of a comprehensive system within the university. This topic was divided into two sessions: Strategic / Systematic Thinking and Action Planning, and the sharing of Action Plans, both by Dr. Perla Rizalina M. Tayko.

Topik ini diberikan dalam dua sesi, yakni menyangkut Strategic/Systematic Thinking and Action Planning dan tentang sharing of Action Plans oleh Dr.Perla Rizalina M Tayko.

At 5.30 PM a Closing Ceremony and Evaluation was held. The whole event was closed with dinner with all participants and speakers at The Foyer of Museum. The event was formally closed at 7 PM.

The next day, Sunday, May 6, 2018, all participants left the seminar venue after having breakfast.

Final Words

This seminar is very interesting because it provided new information, knowledge, insight, and experience for Widya Karya Catholic University. The sources were all knowledgeable and experienced in their fields.

Meeting other participants from seven ASEAN countries has broadened the horizons as well. We had chances to exchange business cards to be used to follow up our communications and establish collaboration with their institutions.

Meeting the staff of the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia is truly a valuable experience. We get to know them and they get to know us. It is really great that they are open to cooperation and willing to provide help if needed.

Participating in this forum is a good start for Widya Karya to build networks with other colleges and universities in ASEAN which can later be developed into cooperation with many other universities in Asia and the world. Widya Karya is truly grateful to God and United Board that has invited us to participate in their event. Widya Karya has sent a thank-you note to United Board for the invite.

Malang, May 7, 2018

Albertus Herwanta, M.A.

Rector of Widya Karya Catholic University of Malang