Mechanical Engineering Student Association Work Program: Guest Lecture


Science and technology are growing so rapidly in a very short time. This development of science and technology should be followed by the industrial area which subsequently requires experienced human resources.

Current technologies are so many and diverse, engineering students are expected to have extensive insight or knowledge about technological developments. They are also expected to be able to apply the science or even create new technologies.

Engineering and industry are inseparable from our society. Therefore students should be introduced to the hustle and bustle of the industrial world as early as possible, so that when the time comes to take on this world students will no longer feel awkward about working in the engineering field and will not miss the growing technological trends in the society.

One way to gain more knowledge about the world of industry and technology is by having a Guest Lecture, also known as a public lecture, given by speakers with extensive experiences. The guest lecture is expected to be a means to gain more profound knowledge in accordance with the scientific professions studied.

The main theme of the activity is “INTEGRATED ENGINEERING IN MODERN AND RURAL COMMUNITY”, divided into two topics: “Structure Design of Micro Hydro Power Plant” presented by Harsa Dhani, ST, MT (Master of Engineering) from Widya Karya Catholic University, and “Industrial Revolution 4.0 – Digitalization” presented by Ir. Purnomo Budi Santoso, M.Sc, Ph.D from Brawijaya University. This guest lecture is the first and last activity in the academic period of 2017-2018 which was held by the Mechanical Engineering Student Association .


  1. Implementing the Three Duties of Higher Education Institution
  2. Increasing the insight of engineering students
  3. Promoting the university

Form of activity

The activity is held outside of the regular teaching and learning activities.


Peserta Kegiatan

The committee invited students from 8 high schools and vocational schools in Malang, 15 lecturers and all active students from the Faculty of Engineering. At the end the Guest Lecture was attended by 12 lecturers and 57 students from the Faculty of Engineering.

Results achieved

After attending the activity, students are expected to:

  1. To know the IT journey/development in the industrial world
  2. To know how to learn IT
  3. To know the structure design of micro hydro power plant

Time and Venue

The Guest Lecture was held:

Day      : Friday

Date    : May 18, 2018

Time    : 2 – 5 PM, West Indonesia Time

Venue  : St. Thomas Aquinas Hall, Widya Karya Catholic University, 2 Bondowoso St., Malang

2018 Work Clinic Program

Preparing, searching, and getting yourself ready for the right job

The 2018 Work Clinic Program was organized by Widya Karya’s Career Development and Entrepreneurship Center (CDEC) as part of the pre-graduation preparation workshop to prepare final semester students to enter the working world.


Program Speaker


Seminar: Professionalism in Career

Ms. Indayanti Oetomo (from John Robert Powers)


Seminar: How to Prepare Yourself Mentally to Enter the Working World

  • How to write the proper and creative application letter and CV
  • Tips and advice for job interviews

Mr. Bovi Villa Suprianto (consultant to Sampoerna Ltd.)


Registration terms and facilities:

  1. Should be active 8th semester student at Widya Karya Catholic University
  2. Registration by filling out registration forms at CDEC office, Student Affairs Unit, or download the forms from the link below (Registration should be no later than April 30, 2018)
  3. Submitting a photocopy of Student Identity Card
  4. Submitting a 3×4 color photo (2 photos)
  5. Certificates will only be given to students who consistently participate in the two programs
  6. Snacks and bottled water are provided
  7. Students currently are outside of Malang may register via:
  • UKWK-CDEC team at 082139 806400, or contact Ms. Titiek at 028143 552255
  • Email:
  • Registration format: Full name_Faculty and Department_Phone number_Email

The programs will be held:

  1. Seminar 1: schedule announced later
  2. Seminar 2 + Training: Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Link to download registration form