Student Spirituality Unit’s Activity for the 2018 University Anniversary

On May 10, 2018, Widya Karya’s Student Spirituality Unit (SSU) commemorates the University’s 2018 anniversary by organizing an outreach event at Kampar Orphanage which is located at 6 Kampar Street, Malang City. The SSU wished to introduce Widya Karya University to and establish good relationship with the surrounding community. At 08.00 a.m., West Indonesia Time, we began the event by listing all participants and then the committee directed the Kampar Orphanage children to a photo booth for a picture-taking session. Afterwards, they were directed to a room previously prepared by the committee. The event continued with an opening prayer, introductions by the MC, and greetings by the committee chair, the SSU chair, and the chair of the University Student Body (USB). After the greetings, we invited the children to sing “Hari Ini Kurasa Bahagia (Today I Feel Happy)” using gestures. The children looked very happy with this. After this ice-breaking session, the committee invited Mr. Agus Indradi, Bahasa Indonesia lecturer at Widya Karya, to give a presentation on “The Meaning of Gratitude”. Mr. Agus motivated us all to think that happiness did not lie in wealth, beauty, job, or popularity, but in a grateful heart. , Mr. Agus’s presentation ended at 09.30 a.m. Next, Mr. Prisma as the new SSU advisor gave a speech. During the speech, the committee distributed snacks and drinks to the Kampar Orphanage children and counselors, as well as to the invited guests that included the chair of University Student Body, a few of Widya Karya alumni, and the previous SSU board. After distributing the snacks, we invited the children to play games together and asked some of them to say their thoughts and opinions about the event.At the peak of the event we all sang happy birthday, blew candles and ate some birthday cake. Afterwards, we had lunch with the children, forming a circle where the committee and the guests mingled with the children and staff of Kampar Orphanage. After lunch, we continued the event to present some groceries, notebooks and cleaning tools to the Kampar Orphanage as a symbolic form of our gratitude for the 2018 SSU activity for the University Anniversary. Finally, we did a photo session together and our event ended at 12.00 p.m.