Workshop on the Implementation of Bridge Planning in KJI (Kompetensi Jembatan Indonesia / Indonesian Bridge Competition)

This event was held with the goal of expanding the knowledge of Civil Engineering students on bridge planning and its implementation. It was expected that with their current knowledge on bridges students would be enthusiastic to participate in the competition.

KJI is an annual competition held by the National Higher Education Agency (Dikti) with civil engineering students from all universities in Indonesia as participants. 2017 was the first time Widya Karya students tried to participate in the competition, but due to lack of insight and experiences the proposals submitted as requirement for a place in the competition did not pass. So a workshop was held dealing with the implementation of bridge planning in KJI.

The speakers invited to this event were:

  1. Prof. Tavio, ST.,MT.,PhD (Institut teknologi sepuluh November / November Tenth Technology Institute)
  2. Dr. Ir. Agnes H. Patty, MT (Widya Karya Catholic University)
  3. Dr. Nawir Rasidi, ST.,MT (State Polytechnic of Malang)

The target of this workshop was not only Civil Engineering students of Widya Karya but also students from various campuses in East Java by utilizing the collaboration between the Civil Engineering Student Association and the FKMTSI (Forum Komunikasi Mahasiswa Teknik Sipil Indoonesia / Indonesian Civil Engineering Students Communication Forum).