Safari Kampus Universitas Widya Mandala Surabaya

Safari kampus atau kunjungan Universitas yang diadakan oleh Universitas Widya Mandala Surabaya merupakan acara yang menarik bagi Universitas Widya Karya Malang. Safari kampus ini di ketuai oleh Floren dari mahasiswa Universitas Widya Mandala Surabaya. Acara safari kampus di selenggarakan pada tanggal 14 Februari 2019 dan di mulai pukul 10.00 – 12.00 WIB. WIB.

Menurut Floren selaku ketua pelaksana merasa terkejut dan kagum ketika berkunjung ke Universitas Widya Karya, karena dari tiga Universitas yang saat ini di kunjungi oleh Floren, Widya Karya adalah Universitas yang paling welcoming dengan beberapa persiapan yang matang, dimulai dari BMU menyambut teman-teman dari Universitas Widya Mandala di pintu depan dan kemudian mengajak berkeliling sekitar kampus Widya Karya, serta memberikan beberapa penampilan dari teman-teman kesenian. Anggota dari Universitas Widya Mandala yang mengikuti kunjungan berjumlah 16 dari BPMU, 9 dari BMU, dan 2 dosen Universitas Widya Mandala.

Untuk persiapan kunjungan kampus ini melalui proses yang cukup lama melalui beberapa kali rapat, pemilihan universitas, karena sebelumnya Universitas Widya Mandala berkunjung ke Jakarta, Jogja, Semarang, dan mencoba untuk memilih Universitas yang terdekat dengan Surabaya yaitu Universitas di Malang salah satunya Universitas Widya Karya Malang. (CPTPA)

Food Diversification Competition “Assorted Corn-Based Dishes” at Widya Karya Catholic University of Malang

The food diversification competition has been held for six times in six consecutive years and has been met with enthusiastic participation by various high schools.  The competition, which was attended by students from various high schools and vocational schools in Malang, was slightly different from previous years. Participants had to pass through a selection stage of competition proposals on February 24, 2018, and afterwards took part in the food processing competition stage on March 3, 2018.

Taking the theme “Assorted Corn-Based Dishes”, the competition had the main objective of creating innovative processed foods of corn. Furthermore, this competition aimed to explore the potentials of Malang high school students in creating new dishes, as well as to explore the local food potential in replacing the main staple food, i.e. rice. Corn is known as a carbohydrate-producing food source, occupying second position after rice.

All this time processed corn has been only used as steamed food or re-processed as snacks with low sale value. This competition was expected to increase the economic value of various local food products, including corn.

On Saturday, March 3, 2018, this annual event was officially opened. Despite the threat of the clouded skies over Malang, participants remained enthusiastic in competing to create corn-based dishes with spectacular flavor different from regular corn-based dishes. This year’s competition had fifteen participants from nine high schools in Malang, after the other four were declared failed at the proposal selection stage.

SMKN 13 Malang sent two teams, SMKN 3 Malang sent 2 teams, SMK Kartika IV-1 Malang sent 2 teams, SMAK Frateran Malang sent 2 teams, SMK Shalahuddin 1 Malang sent 1 team, SMK Prajnaparamitra Malang sent 2 teams, SMA Tumapel Malang sent 1 team, SMA Laboratorium of the State University of Malang (UM) sent 1 team, and SMA Taman Harapan Malang sent 1 team.

Widya Karya’s Faculty of Agriculture, as the organizer of the annual event of food diversification competition, expected that the event would increase the society awareness in reducing dependence on rice consumption and switching to rice substitutes. To date Indonesian people are still depending on rice. Eventually, this event is expected to contribute in enhancing the national economic development and society welfare through a variety of creative food innovations, and to enhance Indonesia’s food security.

In this food diversification event SMA Laboratorium UM won the first place, SMK Kartika IV-1 won the second place, and SMKN 3 Malang won the third place. The committee acknowledges UPT PK PPTKLN (Poverty Alleviation Program’s Training Center) Wonojati, Singosari District, Malang Regency, represented by Mr. Suwanto, S.TP., M.Agr. and Ms. Jinarti, S.TP., as the judges in the 2018 competition. In addition, the committee would also like to thank all participants as well as others who had assisted in this event.

This event was greatly invigorated by the cheering competition spontaneously held by the supporters, as well as by entertaining performances of student bands comprising members of the Art Activity Unit and students of the Faculty of Agriculture.

Bachelor Program of Accounting: Course Descriptions


No Course Code Course Title Credit Prerequisite Description References
1 1210133 Religion 3 Preparing students to become both scientists and professionals who have faith in and are devoted to God, have noble character and work ethics, as well as upholding the values of humanity and life
2 1220333 Introduction to Microeconomics 3 Introducing the definition and basic concepts of microeconomics, particularly within the units of economic activity.

Topics include the basic concepts of microeconomics, consumer behavior, producer behavior, market forms, and pricing in perfect competition, monopoly, and oligopoly markets.

·     Ari Sudarman, 1989, Teori Ekonomi Mikro, BPFE, Yogyakarta.

·     Sudono Sukirno, 1994, Pengantar Teori Ekonomi Mikro, PT Raja Grafindo Persada, Jaka

·     Suherman Rosyidi, 1989, Pengantar Teori Ekonomi, Duta Jasa Printing, Surabaya.

3 1220133 Introduction to Business 3 Introducing the definitions, classifications, roles, systems, and various environmental factors that affect business activities and the main business functions: marketing, financial, operations, and human resources managements ·    Basu Swasta dan Ibnu Sujoko W., 2000, Pengantar Bisnis Modern, Edisi Ketiga, Liberty, Yogyakarta.

·    Manullang, 1996, Pengantar Ekonomi Perusahaan, Edisi Revisi, Liberty, Yogyakarta.

·    Marti Sumarni dan John Suprihanto, 1999, Pengantar Bisnis, Edisi Kelima, Liberty, Yogyakarta.

4 1230133 Introduction to Accounting 1 3 Introducing the basic knowledge and practices of Accounting. The focus is on the importance of accounting information and financial statements as the reporting medium, as well as the systems that produce such information. This course serves as basic knowledge for other courses that require accounting as the basis of understanding. ·   Warren, Carl S., Philip E. Fess & James M. Reeve, 1999, Accounting,  Cincinnati, OH: South Western College Publishing (WFR).


5 1220533 Mathematics for Economics & Business 3 Discussing various basic concepts of mathematics to be used as analysis tools consisting of mathematical series, function, limit, differential, integral, and matrix. ·   Dumairy, 1991, Matematika Terapan Untuk Bisnis dan Ekonomi, Edisi Kedua, BPFE UGM, Yogyakarta.

·   H. Nabaan, 1991, Pengantar Matematika Untuk Ilmu Ekonomi dan Bisnis.

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·   J. Supranto, 1987, Matematika untuk Ekonomi dan Bisnis, FEUI, Jakarta.

6 1220733 Business English 3 Preparing students to use English confidently in business contexts and other economic-related academic areas such as accounting and management. This course focuses on grammatical structures and vocabulary to accommodate scientific writing. ·   Emmerson, P. (2002). Business Grammar Builder. London: Macmillan

·   Emmerson, P. (2011). Business Vocabulary Builder. Oxford: Macmillan Education

·   Evans, D. (2000). Business English Verbs. Harlow: Pearson Education Ltd.

·   Sloman, J. & Garratt, D. (2016). Essentials of Economics. Harlow: Pearson Education Ltd.

7 1210232 Logic 2 This course prepares students to adopt logical and scientific thinking in solving every problem they encounter. ·   FX. Muji Sutrisno dan Budi Hardiman (ed), 1992, Para Filsuf Penentu Gerak Zaman,    Cetakan 1, Penerbit Kanisius, Yogyakarta.

·   Jujun S. Suriasumantri, 1994, Filsafat Ilmu,Sebuah Pengantar Populer, Pustaka Sinar Harapan, Jakarta.

8 1210333 Natural Science 3
1 1220433 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3 1220333 This course discusses the concepts of macroeconomic solutions within a country. Topics include: definition, problems and market interactions in macroeconomics, classical & neoclassical macroeconomics, labor issues, inflation, gross national product & gross domestic product, national income and its affecting factors, economic structure, macroeconomic balance, and growth theory models. ·   Suherman Rosyidi, 2000, Pengantar Teori Ekonomi, Edisi Baru, PT Raja Grafindo Persada, Jakarta.

·   Sudono Sukirno, 1999, Pengantar Teori Ekonomi Makro, Edisi Kedua, PT Raja Grafindo Persada, Jakarta.

·   Sudono Sukirno, 2000, Makro Ekonomi Modern, Edisi Pertama, PT Raja Grafindo Persada, Jakarta.

·   M. Suparmoko, 1998, Pengantar Ekonomi Makro, Edisi Keempat, BPFE UGM, Yogyakarta

2 1220233 Introduction to Management 3 1220133 This course discusses the basic concepts and theories of management, differences in traditional and scientific managements, and the usefulness of management in social life. ·   Basu Swastha, 1996, Azas-Azas Manajemen Modern, Liberty, Yogyakarta.

·   Manullang, 1996, Dasar-Dasar Manajemen, Ghalia Indonesia, Jakata.

·   T. Hani Handoko, 1993, Manajemen, BPFE, Yogyakarta.

·   Winardi, Pengantar Ilmu Manajemen: Suatu Pendekatan Sistem, Nova, Bandung.

3 1230233 Introduction to Accounting 2 3 1230133 Continuation of the previous course. This course introduces the basic knowledge and practices of Accounting. The focus is on the importance of accounting information and financial statements as the reporting medium, as well as the systems that produce such information. Serves as basic knowledge for other courses that require accounting as the basis of understanding. ·  Warren, Carl S., Philip E. Fess & James M. Reeve, 1999, Accounting, Cincinnati, OH: South Western College Publishing (WFR)
4 1210533 Bahasa Indonesia 3 Improves students’ ability to express their thoughts and opinions using good and correct Indonesian, both in written and oral form. ·  Amran Halim, 1980, Politik Bahasa Nasional, Balai Pustaka, Jakarta.

·  Dendy Sugono, 1989, Bahasa Indonesia yang Benar, Priastu, Jakarta.

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·  Sabarti Akhdiat, 1985, Kalimat Efektif, Depdikbud-UT, Jakarta

·  Sodaqoh Zainuddin, 1989, Pemakaian Bahasa Indonesia dalam Karya Tulis Ilmiah, Badan Penerbit UNEJ, Jember.

5 1220633 Economic Statistics 3 1220533 This course discusses the procedures of collecting, compiling, and presenting the data from a research, as well as problem analysis and data interpretation to draw conclusions. ·  Robert D. Mason, 1996, Teknik Statistika Untuk Bisnis dan Ekonomi, Edisi Kesembilan, Penerbit Erlangga
6 1210433 Pancasila and Civic Education 3 This course prepares students to be able to consistently realize the basic religious and cultural values, the sense of nationality and love of their homeland in mastering, applying, and developing science, technology and art responsibly. ·  Darji Darnodiharjo, 1996, Santiaji Pancasila, Suatu Tujuan Filosofi, Historis dan Yuridis Konstitusional, PT. Gramedia Pustaka Utama, Jakarta.

·  Kaelan, 1996, Pendidikan Pancasila, Paradigma, Yogyakarta.

·  Kaelan. 1999. Pendidikan Pancasila, Yuridis Kenegaraan, Edisi Reformasi Pasca Pemilu. Paradigma: Yogyakarta.

·  Laboratorium Pancasila IKIP Malang, 1991, Pendidikan Pancasila di Perguruan Tinggi, IKIP Malang.

·  Suwarno, 1993, Pancasila Budaya Bangsa Indonesia, Kanisius, Yogyakarta.

7 1210633 Elementary Socio-Cultural Science 3
8 1210732 Information Technology & Communication 2 Application of computer technology as a substitute for information system in the processing of accounting information within the context of accounting transaction processing. ·  Budi Permana, 1996, Microsoft Excel for Windows 1995, PT Elex Media Komputindo, Jakarta.

·  Dino Arman, 2000, Otomatisasi Siklus Akuntansi dengan Microsoft Excel, PT Elex Media Komputindo, Jakarta.

·  Tim Penelitian dan Pengembangan Lembaga Pendidikan Komputer Wahana Semarang, 1997, Microsoft Office 7.0 for Windows 95, Penerbit Andi, Yogyakarta.

1 1230733 Accounting Information System 3 1230233, 1210732 Discusses information concepts especially concerning information, managerial decision making, organizational structure, accounting models, and information technology. ·  Bodnar, George H. & William S. Hopwood, Accounting Information System, 1995, Sixth Editions, Diterjemahkan Oleh:  Amir Budi Yusuf, Salemba Empat, 2000.

·  Wilkimson, Joseph E., 1992, Accounting Information System, Second Edition, Wiley & Sons. Inc., Diterjemahkan oleh: Marianus Sinaga, Erlangga, 1996.

·  Zaki Baridwan, Sistem Informasi Akuntansi, Edisi ke 2, 1993.

2 1230333 Intermediate Financial Accounting 1 3 1230233 This course expands the scope of basic accounting to include the conceptual framework of financial accounting, financial statements, and current assets accounts (assets, debt and inventories). The accounting conceptual framework includes the definition, measurement and valuation, recognition, and disclosure. ·  Kieso, Donald E. dan J.J. Weygandt, 1998, Intermediate Accounting, Ninth Edition, John Weyle and Sons. Inc.: New York. (KJ)
3 1230533 Cost Accounting 3 1230233 This course teaches the concept of cost information, how to determine product cost, cost control, and the preparation of cost information relevant to management needs. ·  Maswar Patuh Pribadi, 2000, Akuntansi Biaya:  Pendekatan Tradisional dan Kontemporer

·  Mulyadi, 1993, Akuntansi Biaya, Edisi Kelima, BP STIE YKPN Yogyakarta.

·  Rayburn, L. Gayle., 1999, Cost Accounting: Using a Cost Management Approach, Sixth Edition, Irwin.  Diterjemahkan Oleh: Sugyarto, 1999, Erlangga.

4 1231833 Financial Management 1 3 1230233, 1220233 Includes topics such as the functions and objectives of finance, introduction to financial analysis tools, and working capital management planning. ·  Keown, Scott & Martin, Basic Financial Management, Seventh Edition, Prentice Hall

·  Van Horne, J.C., Fundamentals of Financial Management, Edisi 9, Terjemahan Salemba Empat.

·  Weston, J.F. & Brigham, Essentials of Managerial Finance,

·  Weston J.F. & T.E. Copeland, 1995, Managerial Finance, Eight Edition, Dreyden Press.  Diterjemahkan oleh Jaka Waksana dan Ki Brandoko, 1997, Bina Rupa Aksara, Jakarta.

5 1232232 Marketing Management 2 1220233 This course discusses the concepts, implementation models, and analysis of marketing management. ·  Philip Kotler, 2000, Marketing management, The Millennium Edition, Prentice Hall International, Inc. USA.

·  Philip Kotler, 1997, Manajemen Pemasaran: Analisis Perencanaan, Implementasi dan Kontrol, Edisi Kesembilan, PT Prenhalindo, Jakarta.

·  Joseph P. Guiltinan dan Gordon W. Paul, 1999, Manajemen Pemasaran, Strategi dan Program, Edisi Kedua, Penerbit Erlangga, Jakarta.

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·  Basu Swasta dan Irawan, 1986, Manajemen Pemasaran Modern, Edisi Ketiga, Liberty, Yogyakarta.

·  Robald Naggoi, 1997, Marketing Dalam Era Globalisasi, Edisi Pertama, Pustaka Sinar Harapan, Jakarta.

·  Stan Rapp dan Tom Collins, 1995, Maxi Marketing, Terobosan Baru Dalam Strategi Promosi, Periklanan dan Pemasaran, Kelompok Gramedia, Jakarta.

·  Malcolm McDonald, 1995, Strategi Pemasaran, Edisi Pertama, Kelompok Gramedia, Jakarta.

6 1232832 Legal Aspects of Business 2 This course teaches about legal aspects of business and Indonesian economy based on the valid law. ·  Achmad Ichsan, Hukum Dagang

·  R. Subekti, Pokok-Pokok dari Hukum Perdata

·  Sukardono, Aspek-Aspek Hukum dan Potensi Pasar Modal di Indonesia, Ghalia Indonesia

7 1232933 Business Statistics 3 1220633 Studies the statistical analysis of business data and the statistical presentation of the information. ·  Anto Dayan, Metode Statistik

·  Pangestu Subagyo, Statistik Induktif

·  Sri Mulyono, Statistik untuk Ekonomi

·  Sudjana, Statistik Untuk Ekonomi dan Niaga, Trasito, Bandung

·  Supranto, Statistik Teori dan Aplikasi, Erlangga, Surabaya

·  Vincent Gasperz, Teknik Analisis dalam Percobaan, Trasito, Bandung

8 1232333 Management Information System 3 1210733, 1230233 This course discusses management information system, the basic concepts of resources, information technology and strategic advantages, systems approach model and systems development, knowledge of data processing, database and data communication. Teaching in-depth knowledge of information system and its components in the subsystems of marketing, manufacture, finance, etc. ·  Davis, Gordon B., 1995, Sistem Informasi Manajemen, PT. Pustaka Binaman Pressindo, Jakarta.

·  Mc Leod Jr., Raymond, 1995, Sistem Informasi Manajemen, Diterjemahkan oleh Hendra Teguh, PT. Prenhallindo, Jakarta.

1 1220832 Indonesian Economy 2 1220433 This course discusses the basic concepts of economics, particularly development, economic systems, the objectives, guidelines and systems of development implementation in Indonesia, as well as the fiscal and monetary policies supporting economic implementations in Indonesia. ·  Dumairy, 1997, Perekonomian Indonesia, Edisi Kedua, Erlangga.

·  Faisal Basri, 1995, Perekonomian Indonesia Menjelang Abad XXI, Erlangga.

·  Hadi Prayitno, 1996, Ekonomi Pembangunan, Edisi Revisi, GI.

·  PC. Suroso, 1999, Perekonomian Indonesia, Edisi Kedua, PT Gramedia, Jakarta.

·  Tulus Th. Tambunan, 1997, Perekonomian Indoensia, GI.

·  ————————-, 2000, Perekonomian Indonesia, Beberapa Isu Penting, GI.

2 1230833 System Analysis and Design 3 1230733 Provides a basic framework for understanding and implementing systems development activities, system analysis process, database, design, and support systems. ·  Boynton, Andrew C., and Michael E. Shank, 1989, Foundation of Bussiness Systems: Project and Cases, The Dryden Press.

·  Whitten, Jeffrey L., Lonnie D. Bentley and Victor M. Barlow., 1998, Systems Analysis and Design Method, Fourth Edition, Richard D. Irwin, Boston.

3 1230433 Intermediate Financial Accounting 2 3 1230333 Provides understanding of financial accounting concepts and practices, forming the expertise to apply and develop the basic concepts of financial accounting, applying valuation methods and generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) to determine the amount of an element included in a financial statement, as well as applying such expertise in accounting practices. ·  Kieso, Donald E. dan J.J. Weygandt, 1998, Intermediate Accounting, Ninth Edition, John Welye and Sons. Inc.: New York. (KJ)
4 1230633 Management Accounting 3 1230533 This course teaches the ability to utilize management accounting information that fits the encountered global business environment. ·  Hansen & Mowen, Management Accounting
5 1232532 Taxation 1 2 1230533 This course includes general definition of tax law and the applicable grounds for tax in Indonesian tax system relating to formal and material tax law. ·  Erly Suandy, 2000, Undang-Undang Pajak Tahun 2000, Edisi Pertama, Salemba Empat

·  Santoso Brotodihardjo, 1995, Pengantar Ilmu Hukum Pajak, Eresco Bandung.

·  Waluyo dan Wirawan B. Ilyas, 2000, Perpajakan Indonesia, Cetakan Kedua, Salemba Empat Jakarta.

6 1231933 Financial Management 2 3 1231833 This course discusses the scope of financial management which covers corporate planning and decision making. ·  Keown, Scott & Martin, Basic Financial Management, Seventh Edition, Prentice Hall

·  Van Horne, JC. Fundamentals of Financial Management, Edisi 9, Terjemahan Salemba Empat.

·  Weston, J.F. & Brigham, Essentials of Managerial Finance

·  Weston J.F. & T.E. Copeland, 1995, Managerial Finance, Eight Edition, Dreyden Press.  Diterjemahkan oleh Jaka Waksana dan Ki Brandoko, 1997, Bina Rupa Aksara, Jakarta.

7 1233133 Accounting and Business Research Methodology 3 1220633 Discusses the basic concepts of scientific research which include problem identification and formulation, theoretical presentation (literature review), hypotheses, variables, research design, sampling method, research instrument, and research analysis and reporting. ·  Kartini Kartono, 1990, Pengantar Metodologi Riset Sosial, Transito, Bandung.

·  Sutrisno Hadi, 1986, Metodologi Research, UGM, Yogyakarta.

·  Sutrisno dan Lincolin Arsyad, 1998, Metodologi Penelitian Untuk Ekonomi dan Bisnis, BFPE UGM, Yogyakarta.

·  Winarno Surachmad, 1990, Pengantar Penelitian Ilmiah: Dasar, Metode dan Teknik

8 1230933 Public Sector Accounting 3 1230333 Comprising the concepts and functions of accounting in the governmental field, the tasks of the government in the public sector of central and regional financial management, state-owned enterprises and other public sectors, state budget preparation system, bookkeeping practices, and state financial system. ·  Arifin Sabeni dan S. Ghozali, 1996, Akuntansi Pemerintahan, BPFE Yogyakarta.

·  Jones, Rowan & Maurice Pendlebury. Public Sector Accounting. Padstow Cornmall, Terjemahan Internasional Ltd.

·  Redaksi Sinar Grafika, 1999, Undang-Undang No. 22, 25, 28 / 1999, Sinar Grafika

·  Revrisond Baswir, 1995, Akuntansi Pemerintahan Indonesia, BPFE Yogyakarta

·  Siregar, Baldric dan Bonni Siregar, 1996, Akuntansi Pemerintahan Dengan Sistem Dana, STIE YKPN Yogyakarta.

9 1232132 Operations Management 2 1220233 Discusses the definition of operations management, the function of operation, facilities decision and utilization, management of labor, inventory and quality control. ·  Roger G. Schrorder, 1994, Manajemen Operasional, Edisi Ketiga Erlangga.

·  T. Hani Handoko, 1994, Dasar-Dasar Manajemen Produksi dan Operasi, Edisi Pertama, Yogyakarta.

·  Zulian Yamit, 1996, Manajemen Produksi dan Operasi, Edisi Pertama, Ekonisia FE-UII, Yogyakarta.

1 1231033 Advanced Financial Accounting 1 3 1230433 Discusses accounting methods and procedures in business combinations, accounting methods for and reporting of investment, and the principles, techniques and procedures in the preparation of consolidated financial statements, either in parent companies or in subsidiaries. ·  Beams, Floyd A., 2000, Akuntansi Keuangan Lanjutan, Diterjemahkan oleh: Amir Abadi Yusuf, Salemba Empat Jakarta.

·  Ikatan Akuntansi Indonesia, 1999, Standar Akuntansi Keuangan

2 1231332 Accounting Auditing 1 2 1230433 Discusses the fundamentals of accounting auditing that include auditing environment, basic auditing concepts, auditing standards, financial statements auditing and audit results reporting, professional ethics, audit evidence, audit work papers, initiating auditing activities, materiality audit risks and preliminary audit strategies, and discussions on internal control structures. ·  Arens, Alvin A. and James K. Loebecke , 1999, Auditing and Integrated Approach, Fifth Edition, Prentice Hall, Inc. NJ

·  Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia , Standar Akuntansi Keuangan

·  Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia,  Standar Profesi Akuntan Publik

·  Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia, Kode Etik Akuntan

·  Mulyadi dan Kanaka Puradiredja, Auditing,  Salemba Empat, Jakarta

3 1232033 International Financial Management 3 1231933 This course discusses topics such as the determinants of the balance of payments’ exchange rate, international payment systems, purchasing power parity, derivative instruments, managing & measuring accounting, transaction and economic exposure, addressing risks with derivative instruments, international trade financing, foreign direct investment, and country risk analysis. ·  Alan C. Shapiro, 1996, Multinational Financial Management, Fifth Edition, Prentice Hall, New Jersey.

·  Maurice D. Levi, 1996, International Finance: The Markets and Financial Management of Multinational Business, Third Edition, McGraw Hill, Inc., New York.

·  Mudrajad Kuncoro, 1996, Manajemen Keuangan Internasional, Pengantar Ekonomi dan Bisnis Global, BPFE, Yogyakarta.

·  Sri Handaru dan Handoyo Prasetyo, 1998, Dasar-Dasar Manajemen Keuangan Internasional, Andy, Yogyakarta.

4 1231733 Accounting Theory 3 1230433 Discusses the process of the formation and preparation of Accounting Theory in order to develop Accounting Theory as a scientific tool. ·  Hendrikson, Eldon S., Teori Akuntansi, Airlangga.

·  Suwardjono, 1989, Seri Teori Akuntansi: Perekayasaan Akuntansi Keuangan, BPFE Yogyakarta.

·  Tuannakota, Theodorus M., 1983, Teori Akuntansi, Lembaga Penerbit FEUI Jakarta.

Taxation 2 3 1232532 Discusses the implementation of tax collection in Indonesia, such as Income Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), Luxury Goods Sales Tax, Property Tax, and Stamp Duty. ·  Erly Suandy, 2000, Undang-Undang Pajak Tahun 2000, Edisi Pertama, Salemba Empat.

·  Rohmat Soemitro, 1994, Azas dan Dasar Perpajakan, PT. Eresco Bandung.

·  Santoso Brotodihardjo, 1995, Pengantar Ilmu Hukum Pajak, Eresco Bandung.

·  Waluyo dan Wirawan B. Ilyas, 2000, Perpajakan Indonesia, Cetakan Kedua, Salemba Empat Jakarta.

6 1232433 Management Control System 3 1210732, 1230633 Discusses the characteristics, functions, strategic planning, and structure of management control, as well as analysis of performance reports and reward system. ·  Anthony, Robert N, dan Govindarajan, Management Control System, Edisi 9, Richard D. Irwin, Homewood, Illinois.

·  Arief Suadi,1995, Pengendalian Manajemen, Edisi Pertama, BPFE, Yogyakarta.

·  Campbell, John B., 1989, Controllership, Erlangga, Jakarta.

·  Mulyadi dan johny Setyawan, 1999, Sistem perencanaan dan Pengedalian Manajemen; Sistem pelipatgandaan Kinerja Perusahaan. Aditya Media, Jakarta

7 1231533 Behavioral Accounting 3 1230533 Discusses the connection between accounting system, human behavior and organizational efficiency which include behavioral aspects in the accounting field such as management accounting, finance, auditing, taxation, and social accounting, ·  Siegel, Gary, and Helena Ramanauska Marconi, 1989, Behavioral Accounting, South-Western Publishing Co, Cincinnati, Ohio.
8 1231633 Accounting for Banking and Other Financial Institutions 3 1230433 This course aims at the comprehension of the results of accounting data in the form of financial statements, which are processed into financial information useful for bank managers and other interested parties in making decisions. ·  Eko Santoso, 1884, Akuntansi Perbankan, Edisi 1, Akademika Pressendo, Jakarta.

·  Mulyono, Teguh Pudjo, 1992, Aplikasi Akuntansi Manajemen Dalam Praktek Perbankan , Edisi 1, BPFE, Yogyakarta.

·  N.Lapoliwa dan Naniel S, Kuswandi, 1997, Akuntansi Perbankan Edisi 4, InsitutTaswan, 1997, Akuntansi Perbankan, UPP AMP YKPD, Yogyakarta Bankir Indonesia.

·  Taswan, 1997, Akuntansi Perbankan, UPP AMP YKPD, Yogyakarta

·  Tunggal, Amin Wijaya, 1994, Dasar-Dasar Akuntansi Bank, Rineka Cipta, Jakarta.

1 1231433 Accounting Auditing 2 3 1231332 Discusses ways of implementing audit procedures and auditor procedures in completing audit works before preparing audit reports. ·  Arens, Alvin A. and James K. Loebecke , 1999, Auditing and Integrated Approach, Fifth Edition, Prentice Hall, Inc. NJ

·  Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia , Standar Akuntansi Keuangan

·  Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia,  Standar Profesi Akuntan Publik

·  Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia, Kode Etik Akuntansi

·  Mulyadi dan Kanaka Puradiredja, Auditing,  Salemba Empat, Jakarta

2 1231133 Advanced Financial Accounting 2 3 1231033 Discusses the ways to apply accounting procedures for combinations in accordance with the Statement of Financial Accounting Standard (SFAS) No. 2, to record and report share investments in accordance with SFAS No. 15, and to capably prepare consolidated financial statements in accordance with SFAS No. 4. ·  Beams, Floyd A., 2000, Akuntansi Keuangan Lanjutan, Diterjemahkan oleh: Amir Abadi Yusuf, 2000 Salemba Empat Jakarta.

·  Ikatan Akuntansi Indonesia, 1999, Standar Akuntansi Keuangan.

3 1233033 Business Feasibility Study 3 1231933, 132132 Teaches the basic understanding of company feasibility study given the importance of company feasibility study to achieve the success of industrialization projects. ·  Bambang Riyanto, 1980, Dasar-Dasar Pembelanjaan Perusahaan, Yayasan Badan Penerbit Gajah Mada, Yogyakarta.

·  Lien Karlina dkk., 1987, Pengantar Evaluasi Proyek, PT Gramedia, Jakarta.

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·  Suad Husnan, 1984, Studi Kelayakan Proyek, Teknik dan Penyusunan Laporan, Edisi Pertama, BPFE, Yogyakarta.

4 1233233 Capital Market Investment Theory 3 1231933 Discusses portfolio management related to investments on financial assets, the definition and objectives of investment, capital market, the concepts and theories of portfolio, risk assessment and return on security, Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT), capital market efficiency, stock prices, bond prices, option prices, and portfolio performance assessments. ·  Jogiyanto H. M., 1998, Teori Portofolio dan Analisis Investasi, Edisi Pertama, BPFE Yogyakarta.

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5 1233333 Financial Accounting Seminar 3 1231733 Financial Accounting Seminar is where students who have taken the Accounting Theory course practice presenting their ideas on the concepts of financial accounting. ·  Belakoui, Ahmed, 1981, Accounting Theory, Harcourt Brace Javanovich Inc., New York.

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6 1233433 International Accounting 3 1231733 Discusses the international dimension of accounting, the development patterns of international accounting, as well as comparisons of accounting systems and practices in various countries, transactions in foreign currency, and other international issues. This course also discusses the internal issues of multinational firms such as management control in a global environment, transfer pricing, and international taxation. ·  Choi, Frederick D. S. nad Richard Mueller, 1998, International Accounting, Diterjemahkan Oleh:  Tim Salemba Empat, Edisi Kedua, Penerbit Salemba Empat, 1998

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·  Radebaugh Lee H. and Sidney J. Gray, 1997,  International Acountng and Multinational Enterprises, Fourth Edition, John Wiley & Sons Inc.

7 1233533 Corporate Budgeting 3 1231933 This course aims to achieve a comprehension of the preparation of corporate budget and analysis of irregularities for financial and corporate operations planning and control. ·
8 1233633 Financial Statements Analysis and Asset Valuation 3 1231933 Discusses the methods and techniques of financial statement analysis with interpretation results that can be used in decision making for both internal and external parties. ·  Dwi Pastowo, 1995, Analisis Laporan Keuangan: Konsep dan Aplikasi., UPP AMP YKPN

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1 1232732 Business and Professional Ethics 2 1231433 This course aims to increase ethical knowledge, awareness and behavior of accountants, and to increase the ability in ethical decision making. An ethical decision-making not only involves rationality, but also emotions and intuition. To enhance ethical knowledge, the topics covered in this course include the various spectrums of thoughts in ethics, the description of business and professional ethics, ethical issues in profession, as well as the implementation and development in the practical reality of accounting and business professions. ·  IAI, Kode Etik Akuntan Indonesia (1998). Prosiding Kongres VIII IAI beserta aturan etika pada masing-masing kompartemen.

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·  Regulations by the Ministry of Finance which govern the accounting profession (e.g. PMK 17/2008) and other relevant government regulations (e.g. BAPEPAM – Capital Market and Financial Institution Supervisory Agency).

2 1220932 Kuliah Kerja Nyata (Community Service Program) 2 Has taken 110 credits Community Service Program is an intercurricular activity in which students are placed in certain locations in a certain region. This is an integrated activity of education and community service. Students participating in this program stay in appointed sites and engage in cooperative activities for 14 days designed to assist the local communities in solving their development and social issues. ·
3 1221036 Undergraduate Thesis 6 1233133, 1233333, 1233833 In this program students prepare written scientific works based on the results of their researches (scientific experiments or observations) which must be carried out based on literature review and previous researches related to the science of accounting. ·

Lomba Ketahanan Pangan se-Kabupaten Bojonegoro

Dalam rangka lomba ketahanan pangan se-Kabupaten Bojonegoro 2018, mahasiswa/i Fakultas Pertanian turut berperan menjadi tim juri. Kegiatan ini merupakan bentuk kerjasama Fakultas Pertanian UKWK dengan Pupuk Kujang sebagai penyelenggara kegiatan. Tema yang diusung tahun ini adalah “Optimalisasi Pupuk Berimbang untuk Peningkatan Produktivitas Tanaman Padi (Oryza sativa.L). Pelaksanaan lomba dilakukan pada Bulan Desember hingga Bulan Maret. Selama proses lomba, penilaian dilakukan sebanyak 2 kali yakni pada tanggal 18-20 Desember 2017 dan 3-5 Maret 2018.

Tiga puluh dua mahasiswa yang ditunjuk sebagai tim juri dibagi menjadi 16 kelompok untuk menilai petani padi peserta lomba yang ada di 16 Kecamatan di Bojonegoro. Ada beberapa kriteria perkembangan dan pertumbuhan padi yang harus kami amati, seperti tinggi tanaman, panjang daun, jumlah anakan, jumlah bulir, panjang akar, serta pola tanam dari masing-masing petani. Suatu pengalaman berharga bagi mahasiswa/i yang terlibat untuk berkomunikasi dan melihat langsung keadaan dalam dunia pertanian.

Lomba Diversifikasi Pangan “Aneka Kreasi Olahan Berbasis Jagung” di Universitas Katolik Widya Karya Malang

Lomba Diversifikasi Pangan yang telah berlangsung enam kali dalam enam tahun berturut-turut, disambut dengan antusias oleh para peserta lomba. Lomba dihadiri peserta yang merupakan siswa-siswa SMA atau SMK se-Malang Raya ini sedikit berbeda dari tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Peserta lomba harus melalui tahap seleksi proposal lomba pada tanggal 24 Februari 2018 terlebih dahulu, baru kemudian tahap lomba pengolahan pangan pada tanggal 3 maret 2018.

Mengangkat tema “Aneka Kreasi Olahan Berbasis Jagung”, Lomba ini bertujuan utama untuk menciptakan inovasi olahan dari Jagung. Selain itu, lomba ini  bertujuan untuk menggali potensi siswa-siswa se-Malang Raya dalam hal kreasi olahan pangan, serta menggali potensi pangan lokal untuk menggantikan posisi sumber pangan pokok yaitu Beras. Jagung adalah sumber pangan penghasil karbohidrat menduduki posisi kedua setelah beras atau padi.

Selama ini olahan jagung hanya direbus atau diolah kembali sebagai kudapan yang kurang memiliki nilai jual yang cukup tinggi. Dari lomba inilah diharapkan mampu meningkatkan nilai ekonomi dari berbagai produk pangan lokal yang salah satunya adalah jagung.

Pada Sabtu 3 Maret 2018, event tahunan ini resmi diselenggarakan, meski mendung menggelayuti langit Kota Malang, tidak menghalangi peserta lomba untuk berkreasi menciptakan olahan jagung agar menghasilkan rasa yang spektakuler dan berbeda dari olahan jagung pada umumnya. Lomba kali ini diikuti oleh lima belas peserta kelompok yang berasal dari Sembilan SMA/SMK Se-Malang Raya, setelah empat peserta lainnya dinyatakan gugur sampai tahap seleksi proposal.

SMKN 13 Malang mengirimkan 2 kelompok, SMKN 3 Malang mengirimkan 2 kelompok, SMK Kartika IV-1 Malang mengirimkan 2 kelompok, SMAK Frateran Malang mengirimkan 2 kelompok, SMK Shalahuddin 1 Malang mengirimkan 1 kelompok, SMK Prajnaparamita Malang mengirimkan 2 kelompok, SMA Tumapel Malang mengirimkan 1 kelompok dan SMA Laboratorium Universitas Negeri Malang (UM) mengirimkan 1 kelompok, sedangkan SMA Taman Harapan Malang mengirimkan 2 kelompok.

Fakultas Pertanian, Universitas Katolik Widya Karya Malang sebagai pihak penyelenggara event tahunan Lomba Diversifikasi Pangan berharap event ini mampu meningkatkan kesadaran masyarakat agar tidak bergantung pada konsumsi beras dan mulai beralih pada olahan pangan lokal lainnya sebagai pengganti beras, yang notabene sampai detik ini masyarakat masih bergantung pada beras. Pada akhirnya, event ini diharapkan mampu berkontribusi dalam meningkatkan pembangunan ekonomi nasional dan kesejahteraan masyarakat melalui berbagai olahan pangan yang kreatif, serta Indonesia mampu mewujudkan kedaulatan pangan.

Event Diversifikasi Pangan 2018 ini dimenangkan oleh SMA Laboratorium UM yang menduduki Juara I, SMK Kartika IV-I menduduki Juara II, dan SMKN 3 Malang menduduki Juara III. Ucapan terimakasih disampaikan kepada UPTPKPPTKLN Wonojati, Singosari Malang, yang diwakilkan kepada Bapak Suwanto, S.TP, M.Agr dan Ibu Jinarti S.TP sebagai juri dalam  lomba diversifikasi 2018 ini. Tak lupa pula, disampaikan terimakasih kepada semua peserta yang telah berpartisipasi dalam event kali ini, serta semua pihak yang turut menyukseskan penyelenggaraan Lomba Diversifikasi Pangan 2018 ini.

Menambah semarak suasana, lomba ini dimeriahkan oleh lomba yel-yel oleh para supporter dan persembahan lagu-lagu dari Band-band UAM Kesenian dan Mahasiswa Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Katolik Widya Karya, Malang. (MPN)

Competency of Graduates of the Bachelor Program of Accounting

Competency in the field of Financial Accounting

Capable to understand and explain Accounting Practices manually or with computers and to present them in the form of Periodic Financial Statements, in Bahasa Indonesia or in English, based on Financial Accounting Standards, at companies owned by individuals, partnerships, limited liability and cooperatives within the scopes of private companies, state-owned enterprises, government agencies, and other public sectors.

Competency in the field of Accounting Auditing

Capable to understand and explain Financial Statement Audit procedures to assist auditors in Accounting Auditing.

Competency in the field of Accounting System

Capable to understand and explain the steps involved in the preparation of Systems and Procedures to create an Accounting System.

Competency in the field of Taxation

Capable to understand and explain the Tax Calculation Process, and to comprehend the provisions and procedures of taxation in preparing Fiscal Financial Statements.

Research at UKWK

The institution of higher education has an important role in the realization of the National Development Plan, among others as the provider of educated and trained human resources through education, as an innovation center, and as an agent of change through research and community service activities. Therefore, Widya Karya Catholic University has decided upon a Research Master Plan for the next five years (2016-2020) with the grand theme of Community Resilience. This grand theme will become the umbrella for Widya Karya’s flagship research to be applied in various researches.

The formation the Research Master Plan (RMP) “Community Resilience” is in line with the vision and mission of Widya Karya Catholic University, which is lived and implemented in the university’s Strategic Plan to be used by Widya Karya to develop local resources to realize a sustainable community resilience.

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Center of Quality Assurance


To cultivate an excellent quality assurance system (QAS) by applying science, technology, art and culture.


To improve the policies, standards, manuals, and forms of Quality Assurance across all Widya Karya units.

To implement a quality assurance cycle by referring to the national standard set by the Directorate General of Higher Education and the university standard.

To synergize with all Widya Karya units in improving the quality of university departments and the institution itself.


To ensure the fulfilment of the Higher Education standard (the national standard set by the Directorate General of Higher Education and the Directorate General’s standard adopted by Widya Karya) in a systemic and sustainable manner so as to grow and develop a culture of quality.

Work Program

  1. To complete the Internal Quality Assurance System book (IQAS Policy Book, IQAS Manual, IQAS Standard, and IQAS Form).
  2. To set IQAS through Rector’s regulation after prior approval by the Widya Karya Senate and Adisucipto Catholic University Foundation in a Rector’s decree.
  3. To implement IQAS through a cycle of formation, implementation, evaluation, supervision, and improvement activities of the Directorate General of Higher Education’s standard.
  4. To assist university’s departments and the institution itself in applying for accreditation to the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education.
  5. To regularly report data and information on the fulfilment of the Directorate General Standard to the Ministry of Research and Technology through the Directorate General’s database.

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