Specialized Research Fields of Lecturers


No Lecturer’s Full Name and Title Field of Research Interest
1 Dr. Lis Lestari S., M.Si. Public Sector Accounting; Financial Accounting
2 Dr. M.A.F. Suprapti, M.M. Financial Accounting; Management Accounting
3 Dra. Silvia Indrarini, M.M. Ak. Financial Accounting
4 Galuh Budi Astuti, S.E., M.M. Accounting Information System
5 Novilia Kareja, S.E., M.A. Financial Accounting
6 ChristianT.P., SE., MSA., CA. Financial Accounting
7 Dra.Anni Yudiastuti, M.P. Operations Management; Development Economics
8 Drs.Cornelius Niwadolo,MM Human Resource Management
9 Dewi Ratih,SE.,MSM Financial Management
10 J.Vicka B.W.,S.Pd.,MSM Marketing Management
11 Drs.Teguh Santosa, MM Strategic Management
12 Dr.Agustinus Indradi, M.Pd Indonesian Language Education
13 Andy E. Krisna,S.Pd, M.Pd English Language Education
14 Rini Susrijani, S.S., M.Hum English Literature
1 Dr. Ir. Kukuk Yudiono, M.S. Plant and Food Technology; Food Chemistry
2 Maria Puri Nurani, S.P., M.Si. Rural/Agricultural Sociology; Socio-Economic of Agriculture
3 Ir. Lisa Kurniawati, M.S. Agricultural Economics; Agribusiness
4 Ir. Sari Perwita R.I., MSIE. Agricultural Economics; Agribusiness
5 Theresia Umi Widyati, S.P. Agribusiness Management
6 Mitha Ayu P.H., S.TP., M.Sc. Agricultural Technology; Food Nutrition
7 Hendrikus Nendra P., S.P., M.Si. Agricultural Technology; Postharvest Physiology
8 Handini, S.P., M.P. Agricultural Technology; Food Additives
9 Jessica Renata Y., S.TP, M.P., M.Sc Food Biotechnology; Food Nutrition
10 Ir. Sri Susilowati, M.P. Agricultural Technology; Postharvest Physiology
1 Dr. Nereus Tugur Redationo, S.T., M.T. Manufacturing and Materials – plasma, carbon, DLC
2 Danang Murdiyanto, S.T., M.T. Design and Analysis
3 Bernardus Crisanto Putra Mbulu, S.T., M.T. Energy Conversion
4 Harsa Dhani, S.T., M.T. Automation; Robotics; Alternative Energy
5 Ir. Doko Kasmo, M.M.T Manufacturing and Industrial Management
6 Antonius Prisma Jalu Permana, S.Si., M.Si. Surface Modification; Nanotechnology; Plasma Technology
7 Dr. Ir. Agnes Hanna Patty, M.T. Fracture Mechanics of Concrete Implemented to Durable Concrete
8 Ir. Anna Catharina Sri Purna S., M.Si. Environmental Science/Engineering
9 Sunik, S.T., M.T. Hydraulic Engineering – Hydraulic Jump
10 Benedictus Sonny Yoedono, S.Pd., M.T. Composite Material
11 Lila Khamelda, S.T., M.T. Road Pavement
12 Yessy Liemawati, S.T. Steel/Concrete Structure
13 Winarto Eko Wahyono, S.Kom. Algorithm
14 Lianita Febrihani, S.Kom., M.T. Artificial Intelligence; Parallel Computing
15 F.X. Agung Perkasa Jampur, M.M. Software Engineering; Information System
16 Vinno Chrismantara, S.Kom., M.Kom. Software Engineering; Machine Learning
17 Fery Satriya, S.SI. Network/Hardware Engineering
1 Hermanto Silalahi, S.H., M.Hum. Agrarian Law; Labor Law; Environmental Law; Infrastructure Law
2 Dr. R. Diah I.S., S.H., M.Hum. Intellectual Property Rights; Legal Hermeneutics; Sociology of Law; Cultural Heritage
3 Dr. Celina Tri Siwi K., S.H., M.Hum. Private Law; Fiduciary Law; Material Law; Consumer Protection Law; Business Law; Contract Law
4 Paraou Paskalis, S.H., M.Hum. Criminal Law; Criminal Procedure Law; Professional Ethics; Criminology
5 Emanuel Raja Damaitu, S.H.,M.H. Customary Law; Constitutional Law; Administrative Law; Statutory Law