Center of Quality Assurance


To cultivate an excellent quality assurance system (QAS) by applying science, technology, art and culture.


To improve the policies, standards, manuals, and forms of Quality Assurance across all Widya Karya units.

To implement a quality assurance cycle by referring to the national standard set by the Directorate General of Higher Education and the university standard.

To synergize with all Widya Karya units in improving the quality of university departments and the institution itself.


To ensure the fulfilment of the Higher Education standard (the national standard set by the Directorate General of Higher Education and the Directorate General’s standard adopted by Widya Karya) in a systemic and sustainable manner so as to grow and develop a culture of quality.

Work Program

  1. To complete the Internal Quality Assurance System book (IQAS Policy Book, IQAS Manual, IQAS Standard, and IQAS Form).
  2. To set IQAS through Rector’s regulation after prior approval by the Widya Karya Senate and Adisucipto Catholic University Foundation in a Rector’s decree.
  3. To implement IQAS through a cycle of formation, implementation, evaluation, supervision, and improvement activities of the Directorate General of Higher Education’s standard.
  4. To assist university’s departments and the institution itself in applying for accreditation to the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education.
  5. To regularly report data and information on the fulfilment of the Directorate General Standard to the Ministry of Research and Technology through the Directorate General’s database.

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