Distribution of courses of Diploma Program of Secretarial Studies

No.CodeCourse TitleCourse CreditCompulsory (W)Elective (P)
3.1310333Bahasa Indonesia *33
4.1320133Business Basics22
5.1330132Secretarial Basic22
6.1330232Structure I22
7.1330332Business Reading I22
9.1330532Manual/Electronic Typing22
Number of Credits20
Number of Compulsory Credits20
Number of Elective Credits0
21.1310433Pancasila and Civic Education33
2.1310732Information Technology and Communication22
3.1320432Introduction to Management22
4.1320533Basics of Accounting33
5.1330632Indonesian Stenography22
6.1330732Filing Management22
7.1330832Structure II22
8.1330932Business Reading II22
9.1331033Indonesian Business Correspondence33
Number of Credits21
Number of Compulsory Credits21
Number of Elective Credits0
2.1331132Chinese Language I22
3.1331232Business English I22
4.1331332Office Management22
5.1331433Human Resources Management33
6.1331533Indonesian Business Correspondence II33
7.1331632Business Plan22
8.1331732Ms. Word22
9.1331832Business Listening I22
10.1331933Public Relations33
Number of Credits23
Number of Compulsory Credits23
Number of Elective Credits0
41.1332033Business English Correspondence I33
2.1332132Secretarial Practices22
3.1332232Ms. Excell22
4.1332332Business English II22
6.1332532Japanese Language I22
7.1332632Chinese Language II22
8.1332732Business Conversation I22
9.1332832Office Administration Practices22
10.1332932Business Listening II22
Number of Credits21
Number of Compulsory Credits21
Number of Elective Credits0
2.1333033Business English Correspondence II33
3.1333132Report Writing Methodology22
4.1333232Ms. Acces22
6.1333432Japanese Language II22
7.1333532Business Conversation II22
8.1333632Public Service Communication22
9.1333732Personality Development22
10.1333832Professional Ethics22
Number of Credits21
Number of Compulsory Credits21
Number of Elective Credits0
61.1333934Field Experience Practices (FEP)44
Have taken at least 100 course credits and have passed the courses required for FEP topics
Number of Credits4
Number of Compulsory Credits4
Number of Elective Credits0
Total credits offered110
Total compulsory credits110
Total elective credits0
Total credits required for graduation (compulsory + elective)110