To become a pluralist, enduring, and trustworthy academic community with high competitive edge and work ethics, independence and competitive mastery of accounting and business knowledge, guided by Christian values.


  1. To implement the three duties of educators (Education, Research, and Community Service) in the field of accounting based on competitiveness and in comprehensible and professional manners, guided by Christian values.
  2. To develop and disseminate accounting science in accordance with the developments in the implementation of information technology in the field of accounting, in more innovative and creative manners.
  3. To professionally manage the accounting department in order to form students into graduates with competitive edge, good work ethics, independence, and mastery of accounting knowledge and skills.


  1. To form students into individuals with good morality and integrity, strong democratic values, tolerance, and virtues, in the implementation of accounting knowledge.
  2. To produce graduates with competitive edge, mastery of accounting knowledge and information technology, professionalism, creativity, innovative mind, readiness to take responsibility, and independence.


Financial Accounting Major

Competence point: able to comprehend and explain accounting practices either manually or in computerized form, and present them in the form of periodical statements, either in Bahasa Indonesia or in English, based on financial accounting standards, to corporations, whether individually-owned, partnerships, or limited liability, and to cooperatives, in the areas of private or state enterprises, government agencies, as well as other public sectors.

Accounting Inspection Major

Competence point: able to comprehend and explain financial statements inspection procedures to assist auditors in accounting inspection.

Accounting System Major

Competence: able to comprehend and explain the steps in the preparation of systems and procedures in the development of an accounting system.

Taxation Major

Competence point: able to comprehend and explain tax calculation processes, understand the tax provisions and procedures involved in the preparation of fiscal financial statements.

Accounting Graduates Profile

Graduates of the Accounting Department should have basic mastery, i.e. possess sufficient knowledge and skills required to solve accounting problems, as well as uphold ethics and professionalism in the field of accounting consisting of Financial Accounting, Accounting Inspection, Accounting System and Taxation majors.