To become a professional academic community with good integrity and competitive edge in the field of just, reliable and beneficial law, guided by Pancasila and Christian values.


To produce graduates with keen awareness to issues in justice and society.

To produce Bachelors of Law who are capable to solve problems within the society.

To produce graduates of good quality, adaptable and innovative as regards the needs of the working world.

To produce nationalist graduates who can creatively develop law sciences and use them for the good of the society.

Job Opportunities

Studying at Widya Karya’s Department of Law is a promising choice if you are interested in:

Developments in legal issues and efforts in conflict settlements

Developments in business law

Developments in social issues that demand justice, expediency and legal certainty

Graduates are in average employed less than 3 months in work areas such as:

  1. Legal practioners: judges, prosecuting attorneys, legal advocates, notaries, politicians
  2. State-owned and private-owned enterprises
  3. Government-owned and private-owned bank offices
  4. Foundations/institutions in the fields of education and research
  5. Non-governmental organizations