Vision and Mission of the Diploma Program of Secretarial Studies

Diploma Program of Office Management

Vision :

Becoming a pluralist, enduring and reliable academic community in producing professional graduates in the field of Office Management who possess integrity and are capable to adapt to the dynamics of professional developments and the needs of the user community.

Mission :

  1. To conduct a competence-based teaching and learning process in the field of Secretarial Studies to form intelligent, resilient, professional, and responsible workforce based on Christian virtues.
  2. To innovatively and creatively develop and disseminate the science of Office Management in accordance with developments in the implementation of information technology in the secretarial field.
  3. To conduct professional governance of the Diploma program to form students with high competitiveness and work ethics, as well as with mastery in the knowledge and skills of Office Management.

Objectives :

  1. To produce graduates with good morality, personality, and high integrity to their profession and workplaces.
  2. To prepare students to become qualified diploma graduates with competitive advantages.

To provide students with additional competencies to form a mentality of entrepreneurship and independence in business and work.